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  1. Keratin Shot is a relaxer?
  2. If it's not a relaxer why does it straighten hair?
  3. Can I relax my hair and then apply Keratin Shot?
  4. Where can I get this treatment?
  5. Can this treatment be applied after hair color?
  6. Can I apply hair color and immediately afterwards apply Keratin Shot?
  7. Can the treatment be done on hair that hasn't be chemically processed?
  8. Can Keratin Shot be used on children?
  9. How long do I need to wait before I repeat the Keratin Shot treatment?
  10. Can I use styling products after having the treatment applied?
  11. What should I do if my hair has kinks in it after sleeping?
  12. Is it necessary to use any maintenance products after treatment?
  13. Does this treatment damage hair and cause fall out?
  14. Can keratin change hair's color?
  15. Does this treatment cause eye irritation or give off a strong smell?
  16. Will the effects be lost if a special shampoo and conditioner are not used?
  17. Can hair be washed after treatment?
  18. What should I do if my hair gets wet in the first 24-48 hours after treatment?
  19. Can I go to the beach or pool after treatment?
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